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Best GoPro Picture Settings For Walking And Hiking

‘What are the best GoPro picture settings’ is a widely searched question on Google and therefore offers a variety of answers. But I am only interested in the best GoPro picture settings for walking and hiking. After all, that is what High Hiker is all about. This post shares my most used mode, resolution and more.

Be it taking pictures or recording video, the settings you select can make or break a shot. GoPro settings are vast and the number of different combinations can be daunting. Rather than cover them all, I will simply explain my personal best GoPro Picture settings For Walking And Hiking. I use the GoPro Hero 4 Silver.

Best GoPro Settings For Walking Pictures

- Best GoPro Mode For Hiking Photos

There are numerous modes available. I always use ‘timelapse photo’. You could go with a single shot but risk just missing that perfect moment, equally burst mode is better for high action shots that last seconds not minutes. The photo timelapse can be set to go and then just do ya thing!

The interval should vary on activity and the weather. I find 2 second interval helps take clear, good GoPro photos on an overcast day or in low light (which is experienced often in the north of England.) This is due to the exposure time, the longer you leave between snaps the more time the GoPro has to expose your shot. GoPros are at their best in good light and bright sunny days. If you often ask ‘why are my GoPro photos blurry’ this could be the answer...use timelapse photo with longer intervals.

You can go as low as 0.5 second intervals on a bright sunny day. Doing this will increase your chance of getting a great angle or that perfect moment. You may just be walking but trust me, the more photos you have to select from the better. A miniature angle shift, raised arm or blink can make all the difference.

- Best Megapixels Settings For GoPro Walking Pictures

I use one resolution, 12MP with wide frame of view. This gets that classic GoPro picture, wide lens and high pixel quality. I see no reason to reduce the resolution and FOV.

- To Protune Or Not To Protune

I am not a professional photographer and therefore set ‘protune’ to ‘off’. I still edit my GoPro picture colours, brightness and saturation etc in Photoshop to help adjust flat dull images (which can occur in poor light.) 

Protune adds more detail and therefore more scope to edit your pictures afterwards, but I have not seen the need for this to date. As an added deterrent, if you do not select the right protune settings it can ruin what would have otherwise been a great picture. Protune also drains your battery and creates large image files.

- My GoPro Picture Settings In A Nutshell

  • Mode: Timelapse photo
  • Interval: 2 seconds (in cloudy or overcast conditions) 0.5 seconds (on a sunny day.)
  • Megapixels & frame of view: 12MP and wide FOV
  • Protune: Turned off
I hope this helps, it is of course an amateur guide but what I searched for upon buying a GoPro for use while hiking and walking.

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