Friday, 25 March 2016

Introducing High Hiker

What is High Hiker?

Well, this is a blog and usually blogs are about the person writing them as well as the subject matter. The subject matter is hiking and walking, I personally have a fascination with peak hiking and climbing, ergo High Hiker, a place full of landscape photography, walking routes, GoPro tips and my journey to mountain peaks!

Why did you start High Hiker?

As mentioned I have a fascination with peak hiking and mountain walking, I have read a number of books on Everest (don’t expect to see me up there!), watched documentaries and also completed the Yorkshire three peaks which fuelled my interest. For 2016 I plan on doing the highest peaks in Britain, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and the likes...unfortunately Snowdon may have to wait.

I recently bought a GoPro Hero 4 Silver to savour the memory. Whats the point in travelling 7 hours to Scotland with nothing to remember it by hey! After searching for some decent photo sharing sites I decided it better to create a blog instead. This way I can share the full journey to these peaks and the walks in between.

What do you write about?

First and foremost hiking mountain peaks. However, I will also be sharing my smaller walking routes, around North Yorkshire, the Moors and more. As I learn how best to use the GoPro for walking/hiking photos and videos I will share my tips. I may also do some kit reviews as I upgrade my gear.

Where do you hike and walk?

Week to week I walk around North Yorkshire and the east coast of England...specifically near the North Yorkshire Moors. However, the highlight for me is the Lakes and mountain peaks. In May I am hiking the Corridor route to Scafell Pike and in August Ben Nevis.

Can I write on your blog?

Guest writers are welcome, provided your piece is in keeping with the blog of course. I would just need to see a sample piece before accepting any posts to be sure prospective authors can write and or take a good picture.

What do you use for photography?

Just my GoPro Hero 4 Silver. I will be featuring posts on best settings and practices etc going forward. I do use Photoshop to aid the flat colour of some photos on overcast days, again this will be explained in due course.

How do I contact you?

Through social media, of which there are links hovering to the right or via email. My email address is

Please Share it! :)

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