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Stunning Walk From Hasty Bank To Carlton Moor - North Yorkshire Moors

A stunning walk from Hasty Bank to Carlton Moor in the North Yorkshire Moors. See our personal route, GoPro photos and GoPro video. Hiking in North Yorkshire offers beautiful landscape and varied terrain. This walk includes four different ascents, minor scrambling and easy going terrain.

Walking in March we enjoyed sunshine and great visibility. The only negative a rain shower and very strong wind. I especially enjoyed scrambling around The Wainestones which are featured in first person in my GoPro video.

Hasty Bank To Carlton Moor Walking Route - North Yorkshire Moors

Starting point - Lay-by on left of road 200 meters before Clay Bank Car Park (Car Park postcode, TS9 7) 2 miles south of Great Broughton on the B1257
Distance - 7.5 miles
Time - 4hrs to 4hrs 30mins
Highest point - 1377 feet (420 meters)
Difficulty - Moderate (short climbs but plenty of them and minor scrambling)
Terrain - Very good, should be OK year round
GPX route download - Click here

Below is a map of our route, with thanks to View Ranger. Download the app and you can follow our route with ease. Alternatively download the GPX route above to use on other GPS walking apps.

GoPro Walking Video Hasty Bank To Carlton Moor

We'll get to the photography and directions in just a second. But for those who are looking for inspiration to do this walk, please watch the video below in 1080HD.

GoPro Photography and Route Directions

This walk starts in a lay-by, situated on the left heading North along the B1257 roughly 200 meters before Clay Bank Car Park. You can just make out Phil's car at the end of this lay-by below. From here we are following the sign for Carlton Bank via the Cleveland Way.

Its very hard to get lost from here, the right image above is where the sign points to, some steps toward your first climb. You are simply following the Cleveland way with no turns from here.

We started this walk in the North Yorkshire Moors with the sun on our back and clear skies. You'll understand why I used the term 'started' soon! We are climbing toward White Hill.

After White Hill (about 1 mile in) we hit the Wainstones, my favourite part of the walk. To get through this maze of rocks will require a little scrambling. You can see me diving straight in above and those who watched the GoPro walking video will have seen the first person view of this thanks to my GoPro head strap.

Above we have a lovely landscape view after descending from the Wainstones before the next climb. Don't be deceived, these pictures may offer the impression of a calm, warm day, but the image below shows what the weather was really like. Harsh winds with gusts of more than 40mph, completely exposed I could lean into the winds without falling.

I absolutely love this picture of Phil descending the second main climb, so full of glee, hes really in his element outdoors.

So, we've completed two hills and now enjoy the flat stretch toward Kirby Bank. The image bottom right shows Kirby Bank and to the left is looking back on the 1.9 miles covered.

And now another landscape photo that demonstrates the stunning views available on this North Yorkshire Moors walk...especially when blessed with a clear day, I was delighted with the vast visibility.

Shortly after this cracking scene we have the official viewing point of Cringle End (about 2.6 miles into our walk.) From here you can just make out Ingleborough, the Lakes and Stokesley, the former of which looked a little white from where Phil was sat..the snow should clear before May when we do Scafell Pike,

As you'd expect we are still following the Cleveland Way, this time towards Lord Stones Cafe. If you need a loo or lunch break, nows the time!

Shortly after Lord Stones Cafe we cross Raisdale Road (about 3.3 miles in) and carry on up toward Carlton Moor. To the left we have Carlton Moor over the ridge and to right a look back upon our ascent.

Below you have our view looking back before starting the journey home and a brilliant one at that. In all honesty we could have carried on toward Knolls End, but the weather was showing heavy rain for 12 noon and my watch read 11am. So far we have covered 3.7 miles and the way home follows the same route, having taken about 2hrs 30mins to get this far, my calculations looked pretty grim!

Looking at the route home I can just see the first set of rain clouds come into view, with around two miles left from Kirby Bank its time to get a shift on.

Half a mile later and the skies are clear, a quick glance at my watch shows 12.25pm...we have missed the rain. Haha, MET office who!

Well that serves me right! At least I'm still smiling, soaked through with numb hands but despite all that I really enjoyed my scramble up the Wainstones. If I thought the wind was harsh 3 hours ago, I was wrong. However, every cloud has a silver lining.

And the rainbow brought about an end to some horrendous weather. The winds dropped, the sun came out and we were graced with a fantastic end to an enchanting walk.

Above you can see my silhouette on a banks edge in front of the parting clouds and below our road home with the woods marking the start point...and more importantly, warmth and my ride home.

Well thats all folks! An enjoyable walk, so much so that the wind played second fiddle to views, scrambles and stunning climbs. Probably one of my favourite walks in the North Yorkshire Moors. Easy to access, navigate and year round terrain.

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