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Walk around Sutton Bank - North Yorkshire Moors

Overlooking Sutton Bank on Cleveland Way - Taken with GoPRo Hero 4 Silver - Timelapse photo - 12MP - 2 second interval

If you are looking for one of the best walks in the North Yorkshire Moors with a view then Sutton Bank should be on your shortlist.

A scenic walk looping around Sutton Bank, taking in some stunning views and steep drops. You walk through forestry, across bridleways, near a lake and livestock (the sheep don't bite.)

By far my favourite part is in the last stretch as you join the Cleveland Way (better known as part of the Pennine Way) to take in some spectacular views. Don't take my word for it, carry on reading.

Sutton Bank Walk Route - North Yorkshire Moors

Starting point - Sutton Bank visitors centre, YO7 2EH
Distance - 7 miles 
Time - 3 hrs 30 minutes to 4 hours
Highest point - 332 metres (roughly)
Difficulty - Easy for serious walkers, lightly moderate for beginners
Map & directions -

Map route sourced from

GoPro Photography

And the walk begins on an overcast day, quite cold, around 6 or 7 degrees. Below we turn right onto the Cleveland Way.

Down by the lake we test the GoPros waterproof casing...fingers crossed, 'please no bubbles, please no bubbles'. This is what separates the GoPro from any other camera, you can get unique perspectives, like that of a nosy fish!

Walking along the bridleway, mostly good terrain but the odd boggy patch. Steps 4 through 7 on the map above are largely like this. You can see the forestry area we just came from in the distance.

Crossing a stile from step 10 in the map above.

One of my favourite photos from the day. A unique perspective from down the Rabbits hole.

The last climb before we rejoin the Cleveland Way in step 17 of the map. I make it look hard work but we found it quite an enjoyable climb...steep and sweet.

From step 17 onward is pure bliss, beautiful views and great photo opportunities.

They say you can see the 3 peaks from here on a clear day, that is 30 miles coverage. To bad we were lumbered with an overcast afternoon. Still not bad for a spot of lunch and a breather.

There aren't many better viewing points in the North Yorkshire Moors than this, even if you are afraid of heights.

I call these two standing on the edge, a vertigo inducing view, it always amazes me the sights I have on my doorstep and the GoPros wide lens is perfect for pictures like these.

OK, now I'm just posing, last one I promise!

Well I'm all out of photos. This is near the end anyway. The visitors centre is under half a mile away from this cracking view. If you have any questions or just want to leave a comment please do below, all are welcome!

Until next time, keep on climbing!

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