Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How To Edit GoPro Pictures With Photoshop For More Colour

Are your GoPro pictures dull, dark and flat, lacking in colour? GoPros love light, more light equals better picture. Even the best GoPro pictures need editing to transform from good to great. This tutorial explains how to edit GoPro pictures using Photoshop for more colour.

This process is simple and easy. Just add colour, brighten the image and get that popular GoPro vibrance!

How To Edit GoPro Pictures With Photoshop For More Colour - Video Tutorial

Below is a short tutorial (under 4 minutes) demonstrating how easily you can bring colour back into your GoPro pictures. We'll then run through a written tutorial for those who'd prefer.

  1. Open the GoPro picture you would like to edit in photoshop.
  2. Select the 'curves' icon found on the far right under your adjustments tab just above your layers.
  3. Now from the drop down menu select 'red'
  4. We now need to move both the black and white sliders in toward the middle. Judging how far to go is hard. But simply hold down the 'alt' key as you move each slider in until you can start to see blacks appear on your blank screen. Usually the arrows should be moved to just as the curve appears in the graph and starts to sweep up.
  5. Now repeat this process for both 'green' and 'blue'. You will now have a 'curves' overlay above your background layer.
  6. Now press the back arrow to return to your adjustments tab and select the 'brightness/contrast' icon from the same area you found curves.
  7. Make your image brighter as you see fit I like between 25 and 40 but some images need more some need less. This is personal preference but remember the curves you adjusted will have made your image darker and some GoPro pictures are dark from the off.
  8. Now adjust the contrast as you see fit, I usually adjust it higher but not much more than 10.
  9. This will add another overlay to your layers.
  10. Finally we need to go back again to the adjustments main tab and select vibrance. This will bring even more colour back and makes your GoPro pictures really pop. 15 to 35 works well for me but sometimes I do need more, very rarely less.
  11. You are done, just save your image as you usually would post edit.
I can show you how to edit GoPro pictures with Photoshop for more colour, but you need to play around with them and put in the practice using the tools I have shown. This is not a precise art and all these settings may need to vary depending on how sunny it is, overcast, what you are shooting and how many colours are available in the picture prior to editing.

The good news is you now know how to simply adjust these settings and we've offered clear guidelines to follow. I hope this helps, if you have any questions feel free to comment below. If this GoPro picture editing tutorial has helped, we'd appreciate a share on social media.
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