Wednesday, 13 April 2016

My Top 5 GoPro Mountain Hiking Videos

Inspiration can come from anywhere. For me, it was books, documentaries and movies but countless others use YouTube and other video sharing sites to get inspired. This post shares my top 5 GoPro mountain hiking videos.

Whether you want inspiration to hike in the Lake District, Snowden, Everest or that spark to film your experience, these amazing GoPro walking videos will help. Hopefully one of mine will make a similar list some day!

Best GoPro Mountain Hiking Videos In Descending Order

The GoPro mountain hiking videos below are all diverese and different in context, location and filming style. I wanted a nice mix, so we have a cinematic entry, one from the Lakes, Snowden, Everest and even Kilimanjaro. Lets begin with my number!

My favourite GoPro mountain hiking video for many reasons. This is well shot, takes you on a journey, immerses the viewer in another culture and most importantly, gives us a lens into what it is like hiking to Everest base camp!

Filmed by NicOdyssey, enjoy and watch in 1080 HD.

Another great journey, this time hiking Africas Kilimanjaro one of the most accessible high altitude peaks in the world. A father gifts this experience to his daughter as an 18th Birthday present. Some really cool footage and again, a short but sweet feel for what climbing this great mountain could be like.

Uploaded by BOCARO

Now for one of my favourite English videos. Hiking around the Lake District with his GoPro Hero 4 Black Cole shot some stunning footage really encapsulating the beauty of the Lakes. This video has not gone viral or received special attention as such but its still one of my most enjoyable watches.

Views, scrambling, good company and creative shooting really do make the difference.

Filmed by Cole Robinson

First an admission, this is not a proper hiking video and is a bit gimmicky. However, it features the French Alps, excellent quality and some very creative cinematic filming. The viewer follows a young couple through amazing mountain scenery.

You could take a few tips in how to edit and WHAT to actually film besides our surroundings. This hiking video won a GoPro award, speaks volumes for its quality.

Filmed by James Hustler

Another British based GoPro hiking video, this time around Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales. This video is the most stripped back of my top 5. One man, one camera and one summit, its that simple. Hold out for the end and though, some stunning views from the peak of Snowdon, stunning scenery.

Uploaded by Bryllo

There you have it, my top 5 GoPro mountain hiking videos. Many hours were spent searching through Google, YouTube and the likes but I am certain to have missed some great videos, if you have any, get in touch.
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