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Walk to Rannerdale Knotts Summit Near Buttermere - Lake District

Even in high winds this was an excellent hike. There are few Lake District walks under 4 miles and featuring a Wainwrights summit. This hike to Rannerdale Knotts near Buttermere could be done by most and even includes a waterfall on the drive home.

Buttermere is a beautiful place and this walk takes in those views from a height. The route is included with a featured video and plenty of GoPro photography. Our hike commenced in April somewhat by fluke. We originally planned an attempt on Skiddaw, but 55mph winds warranted a change of plan.

Walk To Rannerdale Knotts Summit route - Near Buttermere

Starting point: Car park next to Cinderdale Beck on B5289 heading south before Buttermere. Nearest postcode CA13 9UY (Should be second car park after this postcode on left.)
Distance: 3.49 miles
Time: 2 hours to 2hrs 30mins
Highest point: 355 meters
Difficulty: Easy to moderate (ascent simple in own time, descent a little steep.)
Terrain: Very good, mainly track
GPX Route - Download here

Below is a map of the route, its fully interactive. If you download ViewRanger simply click 'view route in full..' and from there 'get this route' and enjoy. You can sync to your phone app and just follow the route with no stress or navigation. You can also download the GPX route to use on other apps above.

GoPro Walking Video Rannerdale Knotts - Lake District Hike

Before the blog and directions start, below is a feature video of the hike. Its very short and best watched in 1080HD.

Photography, Experience and Directions

After wind forced a retreat from Ullock Pike and our Skiddaw attempt, we pondered how to salvage the day. Phil fancied Buttermere and suggested Rannerdale Knotts, one of the Wainwrights. We started in a small car park off the B5289 before Buttermere.

Following a pleasant little stream to our right we made tracks up and crossed the flow of water heading in the direction of Rannerdale Knotts viewed below. The first half of this walk is protected from wind and gusts, much appreciated after the battering we took earlier on.

Below you can see the peak of Rannerdale Knotts. walking the length of this mountain before starting our ascent. This seemed the most enjoyable route, I was however quite tempted to try the steep ascent.

A short while later and we are almost at the base of Rannerdale Knotts. Below you can see the view back and how easily this track can be followed.

From here the track ascends and a view toward Buttermere opens up. Turning 180 degrees we now started the ascent of Rannerdale Knotts after following its base for the last 35 minutes a welcome change of pace.

With the ascent our old friend returned, yes the wind! No where near the level of Ullock Pike however and more than bare-able. With gusts able to hold me up at a 45 degree angle, you can imagine how poor the conditions were for us to abandon the original ascent of Skiddaw.

This may be one of the smallest Wainwrights but makes for a pleasant walk. The ascent is gradual and took us up and down over bumps and offered scrambling options for the more adventurous, like myself.

The summit marker came as a surprise, sitting alone near the left edge, it offers a good picture opportunity with Buttermere and Crummock Water in site.

Now for the descent, we could of course follow our tracks back, but its quicker to take the steep descent. Past the summit marker and over a hump we bare left to the edge and find a track leading to steps.

These steps can be steep but the ground evens out in sections and provided our knees with a little relief.

I got distracted getting GoPro footage and lost my footing on a muddy patch, legs in the air I landed flat on my backside, thankfully no one saw but if you watch carefully this moment is caught in the feature video.

We simply followed the steps down and then turned right to follow the B5289 back to Phil's car.

That brings to an end the official route but our drive home passed through Buttermere and a beautiful waterfall, we couldn't drive past without a few pictures and closer look.

Stunning right? The picture above is just meters from a car park and below is the waterfall up close and personal.

What started as a disaster day, turned into two Wainrights, a waterfall and an enjoyable hike in the Lake District. There is a lot to be said for not being stubborn and knowing when a change of plan is required. I can only imagine what might have happened if we persisted on toward Skiddaw.
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