Saturday, 14 May 2016

How To Quickly Brighten Person In Picture Using Photoshop

Do you have the perfect picture all bar one person or object too dark or lacking in colour? This tutorial shows you how to quickly brighten the person in pictures using Photoshop.

Quick and easy to follow this Photoshop tutorial will transform the way you edit images, select the area to edit and adjust, its that simple. Want one specific person black and white? You can do that also.

How To Quickly Brighten Person In Picture Using Photoshop - Video Tutorial

Below is a quick video tutorial, around 5 minutes showing you how to quickly and easily brighten one person or object in a picture or image using Photoshop.

  1. Open the picture you would like to edit in Photoshop
  2. Select 'quick selection tool' from left hand toolbar, then select the 'add to selection' tool from the top bar shown as a '+' icon.
  3. Now select the area you want to edit from your image by pressing and holding the left mouse button and drag. You should see a flashing area appear as your mouse moves.
  4. Should you select too much, simply use the 'subtract from selection' button shown as a '-' icon.
  5. If you feel the selection is too sensitive just adjust the 'brush size' making it smaller will select finer areas of your picture.
  6. You can also use the refine button to help spot mistakes, press cancel after using that feature to exit it.
  7. Now select 'layer' from your top navbar, hover over 'new adjustment layer' and choose the adjustment you'd like to make. For this tutorial choose 'brightness/contrast'.
  8. Now from the right hand adjustments area you can change the selected areas brightness.
That is it, I hope this Photoshop tutorial on how to brighten a person or object from a picture has helped. We have plenty more tutorials if you'd care to browse the site.
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